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Originally Posted by dakota95 View Post
sorry about that..
No problem, it was helpful, but I updated it anyway.
Originally Posted by dakota95 View Post
Pretty cool, so you just made them? Did you just create a string and make it a method then save it? Like "face object" then "turn left .5 revolutions"?
No, I could technically make new methods, but then other people wouldn't be able to use your world unless they had modded their Alice too. This just unlocks things that were already in the Alice code, but were not accessible.

Some of them are unfinished, some of them were added for Storytelling Alice and for some I'm not too sure why they weren't added. For this reason, take caution when using them; I'm sure most of them work, none of them should corrupt your world, but you might get unexpected results (which can then be deleted).


I have mostly moved on from Alice, but may still respond to messages if important [-]
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