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Default Is it possible... - 11-02-2011, 09:59 AM

Hello Alice Community,

I'm pretty new to Alice (having only used it for 6 weeks), but I've just been given my first piece of formative coursework and I need to build an Old McDonald nursery rhyme. This nursery rhyme also needs to incorporate a 'telling the time' tool which will help children learn to tell the time.

What I've got in mind is at the start the user is faced with 2 buttons. The button on the left will turn left a 1/4 revolution left and their will be a farm there with a farmer who will say the lyrics to the Old McDonald's Farm nursery rhyme as it's being played. The button on the right will turn 1/4 revolution to the right to show a clock. At the moment I've just got each of the clocks saying exactly where they go (i.e 'click me to see the rhyme'). But is it possible to actually import a piece of text that will stay stationary like an imported object ?

If any of you could help, it would be great.

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