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Smile Several reply's combined. - 11-01-2006, 06:29 PM

Shadow Sovereign - I agree it was way to much effort just for an avatar. What I was trying to find out was how low I could go in size still have it look fairly good. I was surprised I could get down to 9K - with animation.

Just re-adding a solid outline to a figure after you reduce it is pretty easy, however, and often worth the effort. (If you upload the version of your avatar from the web and blow it up, it looks like two ghosts (or maybe one is Alice) deer hunting. As for Tripp's ??? - no offence - just fact. )

Gabe - Know you're already familiar with Takeo Igarashi 's stuff - it's great. For 3D I've looked at the Irrlicht Engine, , a few times. It's a bit hard core in the programming part for me but a lot of people like it. Finally, although it's limited to 3D landscapes, for that application Terragen, , can't be beat - my opinion as well as a number of game makers.

One thing I like about Terragen is that the user can set up a (landscape) scene, animate the movement of the camera and then automatically generate a sequence of .jpg images which can animate with other tools. That gets the user the basics he needs without having to worry about setting up CODEC interface in the program (personally I've never gotten that right on the first try ) - and the programmers don't have to worry about that kind of stuff and can keep focused on their real objectives (sound appealing?).

In 2D, a number of good artists have used EasyToon and it's worth looking at for that reason (see ) - as an actual tool it's pretty weak. For learning basic animation, I like Pivot, . I personally find the msn user's group a bit hard to take but it's very active (!!!) and there is a lot of good information there if you take the time to look through the examples and links.

Tales Animator (TA) probably deserves a separate post - I'll try to get around to that over the weekend. It really does complement Alice in several ways - for example with you can generate long text-to-speech .wav files and mix them with other audio and/or run AVI's (including Alice animations) against a moving flat background and then record them as animated GIF or AVI - or start a frame grabber which will give you standard .mpeg and DVD formats.

Both - If you look at the "Forward" to the Herbert text, you will see quite an interesting history of the Alice effort, including the VR phase, from the CMU leads. You should be able to read it on if you don't have the text.

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