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The information was in the most recent ALICE Newsletter.
Here is what it said in that newsletter:

Welcome to our first Alice e-newsletter of 2008. Perhaps our biggest news is that we will be releasing a new version of Alice 2, which will be called Alice 2.2. This "point release" will include two new features:

1) There will be an option to save your world out as a movie. With the increased popularity of YouTube as a venue for students to disseminate movies, we decided that we needed to provide this ability ASAP.

2) Many of the human characters in the People gallery will now have a walk method. One of the biggest complaints we have gotten is that it is really hard to make a realistic walk. So, we'll be providing one.

Alice 2.2 will also fix some of the bugs reported with Alice 2.0. Prentice Hall has encouraged on us to put out a second edition of Learning to Program With Alice, and, assuming that I can get the time to review the changes Wanda and I have made (mainly to Tips and Techniques sections), the new edition of our book should be available for use with your classes this Fall. Please note that Alice 2.2 will be available for free download from the web, so it will not be necessary to buy the new edition of the book in order to get access to the new features in Alice 2.2.

Dick Baldwin
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