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Smile argh! - 12-12-2010, 07:58 PM

So this is my first actual post on this site,
but I was just wanting to say...
that I'm an aspiring graphic/web designer and I would love to have the opportunity to design your site for you so that I may use it in my portfolio for college applications! (:

And I was just wondering though..
were you trying to create the site in Alice?
Because I thought Alice was just a basic programming instruction program?
I mean I'm working on creating a video game in it right now but yeah.

OH! and I was just wanting to suggest that,
you should base your themes and colors on who your target audience is, as well as keeping in mind the typical color schemes of other sites that have the same goals and such as yours.
Say, if your site was for video games, then I would research other sites similar to yours to see what you could do different that would stand out from the others.

OH! and if you want, I can show you some of my other works in progress and such, and if you would like, I can just do the research for you.
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