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Arrow 02-21-2011, 11:05 AM

Originally Posted by David B View Post
How exactly to you create an automated upload system without needing to do it manually? I would like to try that for Scratch. You can learn more about Scratch at
I used an html form with parameter - enctype='multipart/form-data' - and a file upload field and submitted it to a python cgi script that handles the upload.

Originally Posted by x2495iiii View Post
I plan to use it to hold all the most modern versions of my projects, both for display and for offsite backup purposes. So thanks for all your work arty.
Thankyou for planning to do so. The general idea of this site is that it is not a replacement for the Alice community, but instead it runs nicely alongside it.

Originally Posted by zonedabone View Post
Sorry. I did come up with this idea a while ago and implement it, but the host deleted my site, so I decided to start again. I forgot about your plan.

Originally Posted by zonedabone View Post
Also, it's not the best idea to go with CGI for your system, because it's easy to hack: without any arguments
Ahhh, I forgot about that error, I will fix it today. CGI isnt easy to hack, all I need to do is patch that error and disable traceback, then you will never get the traceback printed out. Also I dont expect anybody to try to hack it (except evidently you), and there is no personal or private data stored within the python scripts, all passwords are stored as MD5 hashes and are locked to server side permissions only. Anyway, i plan on making a gateway module for all which imports the other ones I have made now.

Originally Posted by zonedabone View Post
I also noticed that you put parentheses around your print statements. It's not proper to do that unless you're using python 3.x. You're using 2.4.3.
Pahh, its not exactly breaking it. I think its neater to use parentheses with print, if/else, while, return, and, or, but not with for iterations.

Originally Posted by zonedabone View Post
If you're going to write a win website, use WSGI with django.
I noticed a lot about that when I was googling some stuff for the AODb, but I never followed through, I decided to stick with what I knew. There's no real security threats on my system right now anyway.


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