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He asks my opinion... we'll here goes!


Snowfire Games Presents....

Sky Warrior II....

The Review....


The original Sky Warrior is with out a doubt, my favorite game on the Alice forums. And with good reason. Sky Warrior combines some great graphics and animations, an amazing soundtrack, outstanding gameplay, and a whole ton of difficulty tweaking, into one game, all wrapped up in a wonderful interface. Sky Warrior II brings us back more of what Sky Warrior did right, fixed what Sky Warrior did wrong, and adds some more weapons to Sky Warriors arsenal. But is this enough to make up for the damage Sky Warrior Returns gave to the Sky Warrior series? Find out in this review...


Sky Warrior had it's presentation issues, but Sky Warrior II has none. Since Sky Warriors an arcade-style shooter, you won't have to worry about Story. You don't need it. The cutscenes are great but I'm mostly impressed by the GUI and HUD. The HUD looks awesome and when Sky Warrior moves up to the HUD it becomes transparent which might not matter too much, but just looks cool and gives a higher polish to the game. The GUIs, this time mouse based, (just like Sky Warrior Returns) look perfect and the transitions between GUIs are amazing.

The Graphics are just as good as they we're in other sky warrior games. Everything from models, 2D images, and animations. There's also a new background environment this time around. The only gripe I have about this is that there is still only one environment. I guess I've pretty much gotten over this fact however, and since this background is a lot better than the default background that has been in all the Sky Warrior games. The same goes for the sound. The music is beautiful as always, and the sound effects really give the feel of playing an old sci-fi arcade adventure. I heard no lag with the sound at all, another perfection Sky Warrior II has acheived.

The gameplay is the same great Sky Warrior gameplay you know and love. You fight a series of challenging boss fights and then go into the options menu and make these boss fights tougher. The bosses are even tougher than before so I recommend playing Sky Warrior one if you don't want to much trouble beating the bosses since it will give you more experience towards beating Sky Warrior II. But if you havn't played the original this is going to be quite the challenge, just beating it on easy mode with 3 lives only. Anyways Sky Warrior II only has 2 bosses but they have more skills that they do. There's also longer game lengths which (since the bosses appear more than once) add more abilities to the bosses. The only flaw I see in the gameplay is the fact that you will notice about 5-6 frame rate stutters on each boss. These are minor and you won't get into a stage where the same thing will play over and over again until the game unfreezes and continues, but these frame rate stutters will probably end up in your getting hit and passing the restrictions of the screen, which you normally couldn't do.

Replay Value
Sky Warrior still doesn't have any extra modes or acheivements, but who cares. The real meat of Sky Warriors replay value has always been about what I call 'Difficulty Customization'. Sure you have the Easy, Normal, and Hard difficulties, but than you choose how many lives you have, how long your games going to last, which replays the bosses for you but you don't reset your lives, and of course, what weapon you choose. They're are litteraly 216 different combinations that you could tweak the difficulty. I'm not kidding! 4 weapons, 3 difficulty levels, 3 game lengths, and 6 different choices for how much lives you have, (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. If you choose 0 you can't die, which I don't even think is possible) multiply those numbers and it's 216! This is what makes Sky Warrior so good and it makes Sky Warrior II even better.

The Verdict

Presentation - 10
The GUIs and HUD are flawless, and the cutscenes are really good too.

Audio/Video - 9.8/10
The sound has always been great in Sky Warrior games, and this is no exception. Plus the graphics are just as good as they were in the first, maybe even better. A new background switches things up but there's still only one environment.

Gameplay - 9.0/10
Brilliant, arcade-style, side scrolling shooter action. Sadly there's some minor lag, but it's only minor, and doesn't stop this game from being fun at all.

Replay Value - 10/10
216 different ways to play. Something that will stay loaded on your copy of Alice for quite a while.

Sky Warrior II Final Score - 9.7/10(Impressive)

Sky Warrior II does what every sequel should do. They fix almost all the problems the first game had and add new features and content without ruining the gameplay or adding too much new problems. This makes Sky Warrior II the ultimate sequel and my new favorite Alice Community game.

Could you possible get me a .mp3/.wav of the title menu music for Sky Warrior II, I'm thinking about a video review
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