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Originally Posted by zero00 View Post
Before I work on a new game, I need to re-examine Sky Warrior (the first one).

Asking questions like "Why was Sky Warrior fun?" and "What could make Sky Warrior better?"
If you want to, please tell me your opinion on the Sky Warrior games or how you think they can be improved.

Your opinion could help the Sky Warrior games become even better!
Wky is Sky Warrior Fun? Addicting and Difficult. Try and continue the difficulty that Sky Warrior has, new boss fights, makeing them newer and more unpredictable and allowing veteran players to still enjoy the challenge that the Sky Warrior games are known for. That would be epic.

What could make Sky Warrior better? Acheivements, More modes such as multiplayer or survival, and adding unique bosses, instead of throwing in the same bosses replace them with new ones each game. Actually now that you think about it survival agains smaller enemies would be a good edition, smaller and increasingly more difficult enemies. Maybe a boss every wave? That would be epic too.

Anyways see what you can do. Maybe you could make a second .a2w be for the survival mode, that would make sense, and work.
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