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Originally Posted by chickentree View Post
All objects in Alice behave this way, there is no provision for making something solid, so you have to fake it. The easiest way I can think of would be to use Dummy objects set a dummy on the cone and have the ring move to it when it "lands" on the cone.

  1. Set the vehicle of the dummy object to the cone. This way if the cone moves you will not have to reposition all your dummy objects.
  2. Name the dummy objects so that you can keep track of which dummy is paired with which ring.
  3. The ring must move down from above the cone to look right. If you just move the ring to the dummy object from anywhere it will go through the cone.

Thank you very much for your help and time Mark. You've been very good with us. With the deadline that is definitely something I want to try, however since it would be ok for the ring to go through the cone, I will keep it simple for now. I did try setting the rings vehicle to cone in one of my attempts (not quite the right effect hehe), but dummy will be something to look at later.
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