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Spinning frog & dialog box
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Default Spinning frog & dialog box - 12-26-2010, 12:54 PM

I just finished another assignment for DCCCD programming logic course. This one has a frog that asks the user for a number, then jumps up and spins around the number of times that the user entered. Then the frog asks the user if he/she wants to run the program again, and based on the answer, either starts all over again or stops.

Everything worked fine for me on this assignment. I used a loop in the main method to determine whether the program would restart or stop, and another loop to make the frog spin the required number of times. The only issue/problem was that when I close the world and reopen it, before I click on "Play", a dialog box pops up and asks me to enter yes or no...not sure why this is happening. Any ideas? I'll attach the file.
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