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Originally Posted by sella18 View Post
So I ran into a few issues with this assignment, the first was that the circle would not show up on the lake. I tried changing colors, adding additional ones, putting it first before the lake and moving it around. None of those things worked I had to scrap the whole thing about three times before it appeared I'm not sure where I went wrong or how I made it work. If anyone can tell me how to place an object onto another so I don't have to keep scrapping worlds until it works that would be great! The other issue is how the rabbit hops, it gets to the circle hops about three times then falls in. I was ultimately unable to fix it. I tried shorting the distance, moving the circle, and moving both the objects in different positions. Other then those two problems I think I did well.
The problems you describe with placing the circle on the lake was probably due to the 3D nature of Alice, Objects in front or, in some cases, above an object can hide that object from the camera in effect making it disappear.

There are two tools that can help with this. The first is the Undo button which, repeated as necessary, will return your scene to its previous state. The second "tool" is the "quad view" radio button on the "add objects" screen.
The quad view shows the scene from various viewpoints: normal, from the top, from the right, and from the front. These different viewpoints give you a much better idea where you object actually is relative to other objects in the scene.
A good exercise for this is Programming Alice chapter 1 exercise 4. Try setting up the tea party for Alice and then look at the quad view. Typically things that look OK in the normal view may be floating above the table or at some place far away from where they appear.


Mark Henwood
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