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Originally Posted by DickBaldwin View Post
If your son decides to go the .net route, I would recommend C# instead of VB. The C# syntax and concept is much closer to C/C++ and Java than is the VB syntax. VB continues to be in a world all its own.
While I would hesitate to disagree with Dick, I have no problem when I can agree with him completely.

IMO, for someone starting out, C# is clearly the better choice. Most of the C/C++ and VB packages still have a lot of proceedural legacy code overhead buried into them. While OOP has unfortunately taken on some of the aspects of a religion - it really is an improvement over earlier programming approaches (from someone who debuged way too many DIMENSION statements in the "old days") and is where you should go if starting fresh.

Java is nice, but I find that the compiler/virtual machine implementations leave a lot to be desired.
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