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This game is great, but I'm not so good at it. I played it and got addicted, and that is what makes this game brilliant. Not only does it test you, let you get so close and then fail, so you want to keep on trying again and again, but it also provides some very good gameplay. This gameplay along with great game design, visuals, dynamic challenges and easy-to-follow (but not to play) activities makes this game a hard-hitting winner first time. This is the perfect sequel and perhaps finale to this great and successfully addictive series. Not only that, but the fine details were good too, the sleek menu, the personality, attitude it had - where it said "Think your good enough punk", "nothing", etc.

Great work

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I got it (on my first play-through) in 114 tries :S
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During that play-through I experienced a glitch where one ball went flying off the screen (making it easier, but not easy for me) and the right wall (between the checkpoint and middle) went too far up when opening and therefore didnt go all the way back down, but collisions were still there.
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