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Re: "I haven't found that recipe published anywhere"

Think the best is one you gave yourself:

Originally Posted by DickBaldwin View Post
I now realize that serious thought needs to be given to the ultimate purpose when the Alice world is developed.
There is just too much variation in the end use of various graphics arts media to come up with a single set of guidelines. As a simple example, a typical "photorealistic" static Photoshop image will be an 11" x 14" graphic at 600 pixels per inch and with 24 bit color and an 8 bit alpha channel. Do the arithmetic - and then try to figure out how to do that in an animation unless you have a Pixar-level budget.

Also, serious graphics art design is a specialty that is at least as complicated as computer programming - and animation and game design are stand-alone specialties in their own rights.

You can do a lot within given limits - your third YouTube upload (IMO) was much improved from the first. If I were teaching Alice - with the goal of teaching introductory programming concepts - I would come up with a "reasonable" flow and format for displaying videos - and then let improvements evolve around that. But the class output isn't going to compete with Pixar/Disney or even a lot of the film school students postings on YouTube.
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