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Default 03-20-2006, 08:43 AM

Bit late since it seems you're already working on a port, but just to add my weight to this.

I'm a first year PhD student at The University of Edinburgh, I've been using Panda3D (the 3D engine on which Alice is based, which already runs on Linux), and I'm interested in using Alice for my PhD work. At Edinburgh, the school of informatics runs more or less entirely on GNU/Linux and there are a lot of people here who really like Linux.

Hence, I think we would like to see a Linux version!

With Panda I began working on a terrain renderer module, which is currently missing from Panda. You can find my beta code for that on the Panda forums, though I would like to I haven't been able to commit to finishing it properly, since I keep getting distracted by the need to come up with a research proposal.

I'm interested in the teaching of first-year computer science concepts here at Edinburgh as a research topic, and I think the Alice idea of interactive, animated and spatial visualisation of OO concepts is cool. I would actually be quite interested in working on a Linux port of Alice myself, or in helping to port Alice to Linux, but I expect the people who developed Alice in the first place would be in a much better position to do this.
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