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Originally Posted by Funnybone View Post
I try. >:/

Moving on, the reason why I can't view it is because I am on Linux Ubuntu. If anyone complains about Ubuntu once they shouldn't be surprised why I am angry.
And with Alice 2.x, I need to make a binary. You know, it's not all that difficult to have an .exe come along side the Linux download. I mean, it's a better option, and it's time saving, too!

Nope. See, people are saying "we know it's possible to make .exes work on Linux but since we're too stupid, we're going to let you do the work for us.", and I'm not implying this specific community.

What I'm saying is that anybody/anything that requires me (or another Linux user) to make binaries is saying the above. I don't make fun of the intelligence of my surroundings/people, but if somebody were to see that a left turn on a red was allowed, they'd instead do the right turn on red, and potentially kill someone.

It's all of that, but in a nutshell. As said before, I don't mean this specific community is stupid, I'm implying that their idea for Linux users to waste (insert longest time period here) of their life is almost like "Why?"

It's pretty simple to make a Linux version of Alice because, well, they wrote it, and made the application, so can't they make a copy and change it to Linux code so it can run as .exe on Linux?

Nope. Too lazy, so they make users with little-to-no knowledge of making binaries do it.

That, everybody, is everybody's "unique thinking" when it comes to Linux. Disappointing, I know, but I just described for you all what it's like for me when I use Linux.

"Can't get simple .exes, so instead, we need this over-exaggerated way of making something work, and can't get a simple .exe because you're a Linux user, so we're proud to waste (insert longest time period here again) of your time! >"
So as I understand your annoyed that because I don't use Linux and use Windows instead... that I should make you .exe's for your alice stuff?

And why cant you just open alice and use .a2w's as alice doesn't run .exe's?

Or are you not even talking about .a2w's working on alice?

Sorry im kinda confused... :0

I dont use ubunto... i think i would be bad at it... lol

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