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Ill try to do this!
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Default Ill try to do this! - 01-14-2012, 05:32 AM

Originally Posted by x2495iiii View Post
I tried this awhile back. Never got it just right.

A small scale, single room survival FPS with collision detection and polished mechanics. now when I say polished, I mean no lagging, no enemies going through walls, competent AI, moderate challenge, perfect bullet collision, enemy animation, balanced weapons, polished firing animations, and no going through walls yourself.

(Polished, by the way, means how it looks in the professional games)

I got close. My wall code was too bulky and it slowed the game down. Also, the bullet collision at the time seemed impossible to me, so I got around it with "mouse clicked on" methods. The problem with this is that if you click the enemy (a zombie, in my case), then hold the mouse down while moving it off of him, it still registers as hitting him.

I also found it difficult to animate the enemies well. I ended up with zombies jumping awkwardly at you way more quickly than they should. But it's largely due to the fact that Alice can't handle much more than two zombies onscreen jumping at you at once. I had four.

So anyway, good luck doing something like this. Definitely not for a newbie, that's for sure.
I can try to do this, im pretty good at these thing cauz ive worked on SO MANY that i can probably create good collision, bullet system, and AI system just how you like it.

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