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@ lanceA: Hear hear.
@ others:
Like lanceA mentioned a few posts ago, we are "navigating uncharted waters" here. At least in the direction this thread has taken, we are trying to advance our knowledge about Alice3.0 and Java. So far, good old-school hacking have given promising results.
"Hear, Hear" is a little too British for me, but I certainly agree with both you and LanceA. I'm not sure I totally disagree with the "arguing" charge - but hopefully it's a constructive type of arguing. And IMO it's also in the spirit of Alice as a teaching/learning tool - not as a tool to create videos.

Not that Alice 2.0 couldn't do that. I personally did an Alice 2 anaimation that got accepted at a judged, national film festival (it came in third and got nice comments from the judges). Alice 3.0 Beta is NOT at that state - for many reasons including no billboards or user defined lights - and I suspect that some of the advantages Alice 2.x had for doing videos will be permanently sacrificed in Alice 3.0 in favor of enhancing its teaching role. Again, IMO, that's the correct route. Better to do your main task really well than to try to do too many things and leave key issues poorly covered.
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