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Here, take a look at what I did with this world, it's very simple, I created a number variable, which I had increased every time the cylinder was clicked. then I had multiple if/else statments declaring if number_variable==(whatever number) the cube would change it's color. so after creating those methods you have to use the right type of events to place the methods into. I like using when the world starts and right clicking it to change it to "while the world is running" so the world constantly checks your if/else statements to decide what color the cube should be, and the last touch I made to it was once the number variable got to a certain number it would reset back to zero to be able to cycle through the colors again.
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If you are stuck on a project, check out the tutorials I made here at this link:

There are lots of tutorials on it so far, including some youtube videos, check it out


Go to my youtube channel to check out my alice 2.2 tutorials I have there..
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