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Default 12-28-2012, 12:46 PM

Originally Posted by x2495iiii View Post
It's a rare file, so many of my security features assume it's a virus. Fortunately, the termination isn't automatic, so it can be authorized.
It shouldn't be , the installer is a Windows exe that does no extracting at all. It downloads the files (a jar and an icon), puts them in the right place and creates a shorcut.

It appears to work well. It ran a bit slow at first and Windows thought it didn't install properly, but I think that was due to the interference of my security, no fault of your own.
I got that "didn't install properly" thing too. I just ignored it, I'm not too sure how to fix it. I'm also not too sure why it automatically decided it needed admin privelages, it shouldn't need them.

Got through the browse and download sections just fine.

The launch button works for me.

I did get a red queen when launching Alice for the third time in a row. It appeared to be one of those errors you can simply cancel and continue working, as it didn't stop Alice from launching or make the program unresponsive.
If it happens again, could you possibly send me the exact error text (from the details bit). It looks like a load of rubbish, but its actually quite useful.

Anything else I should test? Maybe I could have a copy of the latest mods to see if those work?
The mod system isn't working yet, but if you could try the "Open World" tab and try messing about with the "Memory to allocate" setting with a world that maybe lags a lot, then that would be awesome and I would thak you greatly.
Thankyou for helping . Responses in bold.


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