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Originally Posted by rshoe View Post

I think I found the solution but I not sure. I have uploaded the code. Let me know what you think.

Also have you worked with the Monty game Project in chapter 9. I have looked all over the web to find some clue on how to even start coding the game. If you have any type of solution or where I can find out more information please let me know.

Hi Randy
Lets start at the beginning.
1) It works that's great!
2) I would get rid of the do together blocks (move the instructions out of them and delete them.) While the lock seems to work as is, what you are telling Alice to do is to turn one revolution left and 9 numbers right at the same time. The other loop is simular except you are making 3 revs instead of one and I believe the the last should be rightOne not leftOne.
3) You don't need the loop for a count of 1. Looping once is the same as just calling the instruction.
4) Personal opinion: I would add at least a short wait between the revolution and moving to the number. I would probably also make the left/right one a little faster.

Over all I think you did an excellent job.

Mark Henwood
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