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Would it be possible to open a new Room Channel exclusive to discussion about release 2.2b ? NOT, let me repeat that, NOT to be used to discuss bugs in version 2.2b since you have already provided us with a URL for reporting these types of problems. And especially since we have all been forwarned that this is a BETA release and there may be some 'problems'.

I was thinking about an area where we might compile positive input about information that each of us discovers as we experiment with this exciting new release. For example, the brief 2.2b Release document mentions that this release offers "Built-in walk animation/methods for 20+ humanoid characters" but does not list these objects. This 'new' channel would be a great place for people to share which object's have these new attributes, etc.

I know I am asking a lot here, but would it also be possible for the development team to maintain a database of users reporting problems with the new 2.2b (Beta) so that we do not have to each time repeat our OS, memory, free hard disk space, etc., etc.?

I realize that I am probably pushing some boundaries here, but I would appreciate your support. I just reported a problem and gave all of the above information in the report. It was a minor problem about instantiating a particular object from the Gallery.

Thank you and please extend my thanks to the developement team for this new BETA, repeat BETA, release.

Thank you for considering it.

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