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For the frogger respawn thing-

Make a variable, lets call it "lives"
Then, go to the screen on the right on the object screen, and click more controls. From there, make sure your frog is at its start position, then say drop dummy at selected object (The frog)

You will also need a counter that is a 3d text that says "3" (as in the number of lives)
So now your method would be-

If (Your command that lets you know when the frog dies here)
lives decrement by 1
(Your counter) set text to "Lives" as string
(Nested) If lives> 0
Frog set point of view to dummy object
Display loss method

For the Frog choice thing-
1.For all your "If frog is within ___ meters of obstacle" things, or however it is you determine whether the frog hit the obstacle, use a variable instead.

2.Go over to a blank section of the world, and put all the characters you want to make available to choose in that screen.
3.Then, make a method for each of them that springs when the frog is clicked on, and have the frog that is clicked on be the value for the variables I mentioned earlier, and have it set point of view to the dummy you made in the first instruction.

4.You may need seperate dummies for each character depending on if you want the alignment of the characters to be different, and if so you will need a variable that tells the computer what dummy to send it to as well

Good luck!

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