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Originally Posted by DrJim View Post
Let me add my thanks - somewhat qualified by the fact I guess I'm going to have to start figuring out NetBeans.

But that qualification is really minor compared to the fact this lets Alice 3 really display and use its full potential!!!

Note: Just tried to download from the site and the only thing there right now is Alice 3 Beta.
Click on it Dr. Jim, and other downloads appear - including the plugin.

Gabe, I'm getting "Reference Problems" when opening an Alice Project in NetBeans. Are the only two jar files I need to add to my classpath JOGL.jar and GLUEGEN-RT.jar? I'm currently running Alice 3.0 from a C-drive and NetBeans from an F-drive. I've set up the proper paths to those two jar files.....I just need to know if I need to add additional classpaths to other jars? Thinks and sorry that I have to ask the question.
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