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Originally Posted by chinchli57 View Post
Dameria I loved your dice game! Very nice and neat.
I am having to do a dice game and am trying to figure out how to include lists or arrays. When putting in all of the squares and numbers I ran out of room and can no longer see the details window! Not sure how to get that back, but what I wanted to know is this, on your dice game you put everything in it's own folder, how did you do that? Also, do you have to add the folder name when you are calling out a square for instance. This probably all sounds silly to you but I am new to Alice this semester. Thanks.
To add a folder you right click in the object list and press on the "Add Folder" option. You can then drag any options you want into that folder to organize the object panel like I did. By the way I do not have a dice game, I have a tic-tac-toe game. Lists and arrays are not that hard, and they do allow you to do everything you want with a lot less coding, but they can get tricky, so unless you have more than 10 objects that you all want to do the same type of thing, then I suggest you don't use lists. If there are more than 10, than you can, and you use the "For All in Order" a "For All Together" blocks on the bottom to call lists. You then use methods with parameters from there to do the action that you want to with that list.

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