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Default 11-26-2009, 12:17 PM

Alrighty, it's about time for another progress report. I'll go ahead and tell you what powers I have added right now. There are a few I don't know where to put, like which class matches it the best. What do you guys think?

-Doppelganger: a zombie kicks you, but gets filled with kunai instead of winning
-Freeze Time: the world gets iced over and time freezes. Doesn't affect the big one
-Quickdraw: Go into first person mode and click as many zombies as you can (the mouse moves the camera). At the end of quickdraw, the penguin automatically blasts each of the targets in order
-Sniper: Go into a first-person, point-and-click sniper rifle mode. Very lethal if you know how to use it.
-Spin Attack: Alright, this one's kinda silly and obvious, but you get a sword and you spin, KO'ing the zombies around you

I just yesterday finished coding for a spider enemy which drops from the top of the screen on a web, then crawls towards you and paralyzes you for 2 seconds.

Here are my plans for extra powers:
-Mid-air Raid: You throw a bomb in the air and try to click it before it falls. If you get it, it hurts all enemies onscreen. If you don't, it hurts only a few. Usable twice a level
-Death Blossom: If you have bullet time, activate it, then activate this power. The penguin will go into a firing frenzy which will take up a large amount of bullet time power, but has a high chance of hitting everything onscreen.
-Assassinate: Penguin teleports behind three random enemies and auto-KO's them (can work on the big one).
-Air Raid: Paint a target, then watch as it and anything near it gets blown up
-Counterstrike: (This one'll be tough to code) if a zombie has reared back to kick you, activate this power. It'll save you, and generate a damaging energy wave in front of you

So here's my question: What kind of power would a Blaster (laser expert) have? I was thinking I could give it the Freeze Time, like Megaman had in one of the original games, but then what else could it have (remember each class gets two powers, one which comes with the class and one which can be bought)? Maybe it could charge the Shining Spreader faster or something? I'm seriously drawing a blank.

Now, finally, I said I'd be including some neat explosion effects in RP4. I've included one such effect at the bottom of this post (I have lots more, but I'll release them when RP4 is complete).

Back to work for me!
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