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Default 07-17-2010, 09:08 PM

Doesn't affect me that much, Alice 2.0 seems to work all right for it

-Works for some, not for others. For me, the first time a world with a sound runs, an error appears. After restarting the world, though, it works perfectly

How so?

-The Alice 2.0 menu is very primitive and doesn't offer much of the features modern menus offer. 2.2 fixes this.

Worth a try

-The walking people library can also be copied into Alice 2.0 if you prefer. DrJim did that.

Well if Alice 2.2 fails, I can't go to Alice 2.0 with the same world and make it not fail

Why not? Save it, close 2.2, and open the a2w file in 2.0.
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