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Originally Posted by x2495iiii View Post
Doesn't affect me that much, Alice 2.0 seems to work all right for it

-Works for some, not for others. For me, the first time a world with a sound runs, an error appears. After restarting the world, though, it works perfectly
Well Alice2.0 still works fine for what I need. And when it does break, I at least get a nice laugh or two out of it (have you ever listened to Never Gonna Give You Up at 1/2 normal speed and pitch?

How so?

-The Alice 2.0 menu is very primitive and doesn't offer much of the features modern menus offer. 2.2 fixes this.
Like what?

Worth a try

-The walking people library can also be copied into Alice 2.0 if you prefer. DrJim did that.
Good idea.

Well if Alice 2.2 fails, I can't go to Alice 2.0 with the same world and make it not fail

Why not? Save it, close 2.2, and open the a2w file in 2.0.
Some worlds programmed in 2.2 won't play in 2.0.
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