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Simple? yes. complex? If you want it to be.
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Default Simple? yes. complex? If you want it to be. - 10-15-2011, 07:37 PM

Originally Posted by kyleaucoin View Post
is there a way to say pick up a gun in a rather simple manner. also can someone help me with and ammo/health system. this would be very helpful thanks!
the simplest ways are just world variables. for the weapon pick up you can have it on the ground and an invisible one in the firing position. then when you walk over it you change the world variable to a higher number, make the gun on the ground invisible, and make the one in your hands visible. To carry multiple weapons at once you can use multiple variables to detect which one you are currently using. To pick up multiple weapons in different orders you can make a list. health and ammo are similar in that they use world variables. hope this helped.
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