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.WAV is a lossless compression format, while .mp3 uses lossy compression, which means WAVs tend to get larger since they don't throw away data. What I mean is that it's not that WAVs are uncompressed, they just do very little of it. Both of them are also very old formats. Nowadays people use AAC lossy compression instead of .mp3 and MPEG-4 ALS (HD-AAC) lossless compression instead of .WAV.
What are the settings you chose to format it in? A sampling rate of 48000 Hertz with a bitrate of 320 Kbps CBR/ABR? WAVs should not get that large unless you chose monstrous settings. You've got to leave encoding sounds to people who are good at it :|
The reason .WAVs work so much better in Alice than .mp3s has nothing to due with the files themselves. Alice just has a crappy .mp3 importer. There are many MP3 encoders out there, and Alice probably only supports one in particular. If I look into the source code a bit, I'll probably be able to figure out which. I'm betting on LAME MP3 Encoder. In fact, file size has little to do with inability to save—One of my Alice Templates are 30MB just for the sky and the ground.
<-- Past encoding experience.
Edit: There's no finding out by looking at the source. I would have to check the .DLLs but that's not going to happen. I'll just brute force it.

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