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Exclamation Complications - 03-10-2012, 12:04 PM

I did say I was going to release the beta soon ... a while ago. Unfortunately I had some other things that required doing. Upon recommencing work I have discovered some new complications

Firstly, the built in updater has quite a few bugs, that shouldn't be too hard to tackle.

Secondly, the latest (unreleased) version of Alice has had a few major changes under the bonnet. Specifically, the introduction of Spanish as a language it can be used in.

I am not one to leave people out, so I want to make this fully compatible with people using the Spanish version. Plus I need to make some changes to make it work in English too.

As you can probably guess, I am not going to write a Spanish version of Addons (mainly as I only speak English and poor French). The issues that are there though are file structure changes and changes to component labels in Alice.

This shouldn't set me back too far. I also fully respect the work of aikmin and any other Alice devs (I presume none for 2.2 currently), so I'm not in any way in a bad mood about the changes. Time to get to work then.


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