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Originally Posted by rmcguire View Post
There is a potential to have the patterns display at random. I had every intention of just doing a number of set patterns to make the programming a little easier, but some insite on the random would certainly help.

I'm familiar in what you suggested with the if/else statements have doing a typing game that looks for a specific letter in another programming language. For that I used a list to store the word that was to be typed. For each character that the user typed in would store it in another list and recognize if the word was right. Being fairly new to Alice, I'm wondering if I would have to do the same method/ can do the same method.
I'm not really sure what you mean by that, but I'm sure it made total sense to everyone else. Basically what you can do for random patterns is have a CRAPTON of if/else statements asking for a random number and if it is within this range, have this object light up (I'm assuming that objects light up in a pattern for your game) else go check another if/else for another object, and then have Alice create a list for the order of if/else statements chosen, have each data point on that list (being the program for a certain object) correspond to an object. And have Alice create another list for what the user clicks on, then cross-check the data points on those two lists. I know this is a bit confusing, but I am terrible at re-wording my explanations for clarity. If anyone else wants to try to translate what I said, please do so!!!

I hope this helped give you a bit more of an idea behind creating random patterns for a Simon Says game (I did something similar, but unfortunately I've deleted the world and don't have a photographic memory)

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