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Default 12-21-2011, 06:47 PM

Originally Posted by dakota95 View Post
First off I want to thank Mr Kidnapper for the awsome model. This is just the beginning of the game so, nothing fancy.

Z - open bombay doors/ switches view to watch bombs drop
B - drops bombs, each individually
W - turns guns, flys airplane
S - dito
A - dito
D - dito
X - fly / take off. ( I havent figured out the acceleration yet so it is a jerk forward)
1 - switch view to pilot
2 - switch view to nose gun
3 - switch view to tail gun
4 - switch view to top gun

I only have these 5 views so far, and am working on more.
total views:5, Pilot, Nose Gun, Tail Gun, Top Gun, and bombay door cam.

Hell yeah.

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