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Originally Posted by Mr Kidnapper View Post
Comments: If you start a plane in mid-air you should start it at a speed. To do this, make it Move [forward] at speed that seems acceptable. Probably less than 10 m/s is a good speed for Alice, even though it's unrealistic. Thing is, your speed must be a variable, so you can change it. Then, after they continue to press the acceleration button, you set the variable to equal itself + whatever your rate of acceleration is.
I suggest you make your rate of acceleration small, as well as the duration so they balance out. In Alice, incrementing tends to have problems in terms of limits, for example if I set the acceleration to only work if the speed variable was less than 20, it would often go over 20 and then stop, so you must make the rate of acceleration small so that this gap remains as small as possible.
could you write out how to make a variable do that step by step?

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