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Browser compatible with Java 1.5 or later
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Default Browser compatible with Java 1.5 or later - 07-11-2008, 04:03 PM

When you open the Java Console in your browser, you should see something like the attached image:

Note the information at the very top of the attachment.

When I first started working with Greenfoot, I discovered that I could run Greenfoot applets either locally or from the website using IE but couldn't run them in Firefox.

When I finally tracked down the problem, I discovered that even though Firefox had updated itself many times, and even though Java 1.6 was installed on my computer, Firefox was still running Java 1.4.

After much effort trying to force Firefox to update itself to Java v1.6, I discovered an old copy of Java v1.4 on my computer. When I deleted it and then tried to run a Greenfoot applet, Firefox updated itself to v1.6 and everything has worked well since.

It is also necessary to have Java applets enabled in the browser for any Java applet to be executed.

Hope this helps,
Dick Baldwin
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