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Originally Posted by RavenOfCode View Post
Good job And if you ever need help I'm sure me or someone on the forum can do it
Hi raven,

do you know how to make a restart command? i mean like:

I just want to make the plane go back to its starting position, i dropped a 3d text at its start position. So what i want is that when the plane gets closer to 0.5-3 meters it goes back to its starting position( at the text acting as a checkpoint-like). I tried using if than else but i dont know how to make up the code for it. If it comes in contact within 0.5-3m of any object, anything, it goes back to its start position. And i want this command to be looped forever which i know how to do but, what i did was

I made a method in the MG-29 on it restart command, I used the proximity functiion on the if/else condition( if MiG-29 is within Threshold of object{how to make it as anything?} then do " MiG-29 move to start position>3D text<)

the problem here is, how to make it as anything??


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