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It could be my eyes Dick, but even when I put my glasses on, the video appears to be somewhat blurred.

It could just be me though!! . . . or dirty eye glasses

Also, I have absolutely zero/zilch experience in working with video. I ordered Camtasia today so now I can begin my experience in this new area.
Thanks for the input.

I expect it to be somewhat blurred due to the fact that YouTube changes it from a Windows wmv format to a Flash format and also changes the size. In this case, it was enlarged from 320x240 to something larger. DrJim has suggested the possibility of starting with a 640x480 and letting YouTube reduce it as opposed to starting with a 320x240 and letting them enlarge it. I haven't had time to try that yet. I'm also trying to design an animation that is easy to run and experiment with, which hopefully will expose small improvements or degradations.

I'm searching for a recipe that will produce the best results on a routine basis without the requirement to spend a lot of time treating the publication of each sample video as a project in its own right. (I would like to be able to concentrate on programming instead of graphics arts.)

I haven't found that recipe published anywhere, and maybe there isn't one. However, I believe that I was able to experimentally improve the results from the first to the third video that I created and uploaded to YouTube by experimenting with various settings.

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