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Alice isn't bad because it has way too many errors and bugs, especially that annoying "Error during simulation" thing. I should be able to stop a method mid-way without having to worry about the world crashing. If this problem was eliminated, I would be a lot more active with Alice, but I've quit for a while because of the frustration.

Unsupported features and cross-compatibility issues are annoying as well. One of the worst problems is when Alice is unable to open the file. All of your work is gone.

Alice also has lag issues. One of the reasons my Halo thing hasn't been finished. It can't handle a DMR and an MA37 in the same world. Shooting the MA37 will cause a huge FPS drop.

I might have forgotten a few things, but other than the things I've mentioned, it's a really nice program. It works better for games that are more 2-D (like x2495iiii's Sleight Blind), and unfortunately I like making FPSs.
I really do like the program though, and would love to try Alice 3.0 once it's out of beta.

I am in no way discouraging people from using it. It's great, but just remember that there are a LOT of bugs.

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