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Episodic Content!
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Talking Episodic Content! - 07-06-2011, 09:34 PM

I'm trying to release these games in an "episodic style". The games are short, but fun, complex, and challenging. It also easier for me to make these games, so I can add more content to them as well!

For instance, in Sky Warrior, there were 3 bosses, but their attacks (in my Opinion) were very simple. In Sky Warrior Returns, there's only one boss, but Core Force has many different and complex attack patterns!

Also, the next "episode" will definitely feature Revolver Force, but the battle with it will a little different than last time.

==============Some of my Games and Ideas===========

Sky Warrior:
Health Bars:
Sky Warrior: Dual Force:

Want to make your own space game?

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