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Sky Warrior Episode 2 Progress
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Talking Sky Warrior Episode 2 Progress - 07-07-2011, 09:22 AM

Is it me or is this a wall of text below?

Progress on the next game is going well. Revolver Force is working great (though I haven't set up all of the collision stuff yet ). It's ready for all sorts of attacks now!
-The Gradius-Style Power Meter is working and fully-functional! The actual power ups it grants don't do much right now though, but it works amazingly!
-Revolver Force has gained an actual shotgun-like spread attack!
-This one will take place in space as shown in the concept art!
-The Option can also be aimed (like Gradius V)

I am actually overwhelmed with the number of ideas I could implement in this game! If there is a feature or enemy or something you would like to see in the game, please comment!

@sfunk I thought about trying to link the worlds together (I had heard about the world loader before, but hadn't read much about it, though), but I couldn't for a number of reasons One of the reasons being that this game and Sky Warrior Returns have some big gameplay differences. It would be kind of jarring to play them as if they're one game.

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