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Sky Warrior Sound Pack!
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Talking Sky Warrior Sound Pack! - 08-21-2011, 04:19 PM

I was asked for the title screen music for Sky Warrior 2. I decided to go a step further than that...

Here is the Sky Warrior Sound Pack!

In this soundpack is:
  • The Sky Warrior Soundtrack
  • The Sky Warrior Returns Soundtrack
  • The Sky Warrior 2 Soundtrack
  • Sky Warrior 2's Credits Text Scroll
  • A Bonus Song (just because! )
All of the songs came from many different games (listed in the MusicList text file).
I strongly urge you to play some of the games in that list, if you get the chance.
They're all very good games!


==============Some of my Games and Ideas===========

Sky Warrior:
Health Bars:
Sky Warrior: Dual Force:

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