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It's not illegal to make a video game clone in the idea that it is just like playing another video game (WoW Clone etc.)
People in Crydev are giving a shot at making a GTA-like game (albeit with better graphics) daily.
What the person that told you it was illegal, meant that you cannot copy their intellectual property, that is the GTA franchise itself. Assuming that they don't exist in real life, you cannot copy people, locations, storyline, or make references to the game directly. By that I mean sticking "GTA" somewhere in there. You could do what the Japanese do when they reference anything and change a few letters, like WAIO or WacDonalds or PizzaFat.
It's also more obviously illegal to use assets from their game. When I say assets, this is a very vague term. Crytek seems to refer to assets as "anything that isn't a part of CryEngine itself."
Either way, besides the game engine, everything should be made by you and your team: models, animations, sounds, etc.
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