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Help. Infinite camera loop in school project.
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Default Help. Infinite camera loop in school project. - 12-07-2011, 05:59 PM

Hey guys. So we have to create a story to present to the class in the alice gameworld and Im having some trouble. Basically, whats supposed to happen is the world starts off and you control a spaceship experiencing engine difficulties. You fly it so a gas station on the moons surface and some dialogue is supposed to occur between the pilot and the alien works at the station. After the engine is fixed, the space ship needs to take off and you control it again, leaving the lunar orbit, where it explodes cuz of a bomb planted on the ship.

My error right now is with the camera. when the spaceship "lands", i set the vehicle of the ship to the space station and the next method with the dialogue needs to happen. It does happen, but the camera is bugging out and the spaceship jerks in place and when the dialogue is done, the spaceship doesnt leave the station. I dont know how to fix the issue...HELP
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