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Modules of Code
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Default Modules of Code - 08-19-2011, 11:22 PM

Our instructor asked us this:

"What are three modules (named collections of code), not variables, that you can break an Alice program in to?"

Our class is completely stumped. Below is the discussion thread from other classmates including teacher comments. Any enlightenment would be most appreciated.

The previous post that describes modules as do in order and do together makes sense, but still looking for clarification.


*The only thing I know to break down your code further is breaking down methods into sub-methods. You have three kinds of methods.* There are primary methods, class level methods, and world level* methods.

*I have read back in the book and done research but am having trouble with this question. My gut tells me that the three modules in Alice are the Methods, events, and functions.

*I'm not sure of this answer but the only module that comes to mind are the code edit pane which allows us to break the code up by altering a method into a sub-method.

*The three modules that a program in Alice can be broken down into are the code that sets the stage for the program. This is the first module and contains anything that would have to do about the background color, sound, size, and background objects. It is like setting the stage for the play. The next module*is the actors or the objects module that contains all the code that pertains to what objects will be included in the program and what role they will be playing. This would be the meat and potatoes of the program. The third module ties in with the second and describes what the program is going to do and how it will end. The three modules can be looked at as the beginning, during, and end of a program.

*I really couldn't find the answer to this so this is a total guess. The 3 modules are the beginning, during and end of an event (BDE).

*The three modules in Alice are:
• Methods
• Events
• Functions

*I can’t find anything in the reading that can verify what the three modules are that Alice can be broken down into, but if I were to make an educated guess I would say that objects, functions and parameters are the three different code collector modules of Alice.


From our instructor:

What are three modules (named collections of code), not variables, that you can break an Alice program in to?

Objects fit the definition of "named collections of code", agree? Color, sound, size, are attributes. Review what we have covered and see if you can come up with two other named collections of code (what is often referred to as a module).
Here is one reference. Please suggest a clear term.
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