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Default 12-07-2009, 02:37 AM

Thanks again to everyone supporting me! However, I have an important thought to share with you all:

Recently, it's been brought to my attention that a good amount of my posts, examples, and resources involve some sort of violence.

First let me say that it's was never my intention to emphasize violence when I made Resident Penguin. I was trying to prove that an enjoyable, good-sized, and fully functional game could be made with Alice, as this was a question raised by more than a few aspiring video game developers on these forums. It was my hope that Resident Penguin could be a world shown to new students on their first day of class so they could see what kinds of things they could do if they became proficient with Alice.

Second, I'd like to take this opportunity to announce a few of my non-violent works in the making:

-I plan to upload other, non-violent collections of models, like the wheelchair recently asked for (having a hard time finding a low-poly model, but I'll find one), medical supplies asked for a while ago, urban ambient objects (like newspaper stands and higher-res city terrain), and more. I'd also like to remind everyone that, though I did post a tutorial of how to import objects at the top of the How Do I...? forum, I usually take requests for 3d models and provide them when asked, so feel free to ask.

-I've been experimenting with billboards in Alice and have created an interesting world with only something that could be conceived as cartoon violence by some. It should strike a nostalgic chord with all you gamers out there. It isn't anywhere NEAR finished, though.

Finally, I'd simply like to note that, though it is considered 'uncreative,' violence, even in the slightest doses (such as in my experimental world), has always been popular and appropriate among all age groups when used correctly (think Bugs Bunny with a mallet). Due to this popularity, it can be an effective means of attracting people, especially young students, to get involved in learning to program with Alice.
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