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[QUOTE=x2495iiii;13992]Thanks again to everyone supporting me! However, I have an important thought to share with you all:

Recently, it's been brought to my attention that a good amount of my posts, examples, and resources involve some sort of violence.

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A good story always involves some form of conflict. The interesting part of the story is how the student solves the conflict without blowing heads off, maiming people for life, etc.

Experience how this young 9th grade student embrassed programming and Alice without blowing legs, arms, eyes off.
(Scroll down to the Ajax.A2W world)

I disagree with your excuse for including violence. The killing of "things" does not appeal to all potential programming students; especially the females that Dann, Cooper, Pausch were trying to encourage into joining a programming class. Programming is not limited to the male population! Please try and include the female group when posting - computer programming is not sexist.

Thank you,

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