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Default 12-08-2009, 11:15 PM

Originally Posted by lanceA View Post
The interesting part of the story is how the student solves the conflict without blowing heads off, maiming people for life, etc.
First that depends on how you define interesting. For example, I find programming interesting, and many other people find it boring. Likewise, I found that world largely uninteresting, but I did find it creative.

Second, I find it interesting that none of my worlds (or any worlds I've seen on these boards, for that matter) have featured either of those two things you mentioned. Have you actually played Resident Penguin? If it were to be made into a real video game, it'd be rated E.

Originally Posted by lanceA View Post
The killing of "things" does not appeal to all potential programming students
I never said it did. However, I did say that some forms of violence appeal to many people, most of those being young people, which is what Alice is geared towards.

Originally Posted by lanceA View Post
Programming is not limited to the male population!
I feel a bit like I'm in a press conference, addressing all these twisted interpretations of my words. If you'll check my post, you'll notice that I never mentioned gender, in fact I simply said that it appeals to many, which it does.

Originally Posted by lanceA View Post
computer programming is not sexist.
But the erroneous assumption that all males are violent and all females are nonviolent is sexist.

It seems I'll never be able to please some people, as I've already apologized SEVERAL times, made an effort to teach many different concepts (violent and nonviolent) in many different ways (coding and instructional), and released many different examples and resources (violent and nonviolent) for the users of Alice to learn from and enjoy. I've done all I can, so at this point, all that's left to do is move on.

By the way, in case any of you were worried, I'm still releasing RP4.

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