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Default 12-09-2009, 10:43 PM

First of all, I told you already that I asked him.

Second, I already told you there AREN'T any worlds with people being dismembered, maimed, gored, eviscerated, disemboweled, impaled, or any other big word for hurt badly you can think of. If there was, I'd delete it immediately, as that is considered mature content.

Third, no one is forcing anyone to look at, use, or otherwise be subjected to violence. At the moment, the only way anyone could be exposed to even the remotest bit of shooting violence is by willfully choosing to download Resident Penguin or my weapons collection.

I understand that you're trying to do your part to keep the forums clean and safe for learning programmers of all ages, but the best way you can do that is by keeping an eye out for worlds with such violent acts as the ones you mentioned and report them to me so I can delete them. Saying that I can't comprehend what I read and that I'm sexist is definitely not the way to get what you want done accomplished.


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