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Default Trivia! - 12-19-2009, 07:25 PM

Alright, I suggested that a trivia section be made and a bunch of you said that'd be a cool idea, so here's my first shot at making that happen!

So here's the rules:
-The trivia will be hosted initially by me. After someone reaches a certain amount of points, like 50, from answering questions, they'll get to host for awhile.
-Questions can be about anything, but it has to be appropriate for all ages.
-No spamming or flaming or junk like that.
-If you answer a question, but the answer is incomplete or can be elaborated on, another player can answer the same question in an attempt to one-up the previous answer. The host will decide which answer is the best.
-Questions will range from 1-4 points, 1 being easiest and 4 being super-hard.
-I'll see if I can think of stuff to reward you guys, like new models or something. I'll have to get creative...

So here goes!

Question 1:
What powers do you start out with in Infamous for the PS3? (There are four by my count) 3 points.

Score: Nobody's got nothing yet.

Reward: When 10 questions are answered, I'll post my latest project: A very, very nice looking city model pack. Much better looking than the city terrain that comes with Alice.
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