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Originally Posted by Crusader View Post
Yeah, about that, I read on an article on IGN called IGN Presents: The History of Call of Duty that Infinity Ward's studio heads, Jason West and Vince Zampella were fired by Activision sometime after the monster success of Modern Warfare 2. They and some other employees at Infinity Ward that left with them sued Activision saying that Activision owed them about $54,000,000 and broke a promise for them to be allowed to develop more than just Call of Duty games. In response, Activison filed a counter-suit alleging misuse of company property and insubordination by West and Zampella. The suit went to trial in May 2011. Anyway, due to this incident, Infinity Ward was short-handed and thus they got outside support for development of the campaign mode from Sledgehammer Games, who were originally working on a Call of Duty MMO, with that idea later scrapped, while Raven Software got the job of doing the multiplayer mode.
those two people are also now working on a sci-fi shooter that's supposed to contest halo 4 when that comes out because bungie isn't working on this one

And yes jedi, there are plenty of cod fans, me very much included, ive played 1-6 and some of the not-so-great gamecube versions too

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